The Feed.

Being passionate about your animals, your business and you, our customer, is a core value of Hubbard Feeds & Double A Feeds.

Beef: Creep, Stockmaster Mineral, Medicated Starter and Grower

Horse: Front Runner Senior, Foal and Performance Horse feed

Swine: Starter, Grower and Show Rite Feeds

Sheep: Starter Creep, Grower and Show Rite Feeds

Goat: Starter, Grower and Show Rite Feeds

Poultry: Starter, Grower and Layer

Dog: Hubbard Life Maintenance and High Protein

Cat: High Protein and Maintenance

Show Feeds done Right! ~Beef~Sheep~Goat~Swine~     Get to the winners circle with Show-Rite and Double A Feeds!


“Quality doesn’t cost, it pays”

Crystalyx Supplement Tubs & Double A Feeds,Inc

Avaiable Crystalyx Products:

Protein: HE 20, HE 30, NP 20, NP 27, HP 40

Breeding: Breed UP 20

Weaning: Brigade

Specialty: Iono-lyx, Super Mag

Mineral: Crystaly-Phos, Mineral-lyx

Fly Control: Rolyx Max and Rolyx Pro, IGR Max and IGR Pro

All Crystalyx products, excluding Iono-lyx, come in Bio Barrels.

Horse: Stablyx

Goat: Goatlyx

Sheep: Sheeplyx

We are a 4 Star Feed Dealer!!